Primehill Limited, owners of City Crest Estate Series in Nigeria “we have been working with Jabborro PR  for 5 years now, never been disappointed. They deliver on their promise and go the extra mile while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.”

When Primehill arrived Akwa Ibom as a Real Estate start-up, their corporate headquarters was in a shared facility in a corner of the city of Uyo. We developed a custom-made Marketing Communications strategy that placed Zero cost on the business, charged payments to account of the subscribers while offering least cost Real Estate services to the subscribers. This strategy revolved around direct marketing and personal selling with a combination of digital marketing, email marketing and the use of messaging apps. Even without exclusive marketing rights, Jabborro PR was able to funnel more than 15% the number of buyers in the first City Crest Estate, going on to help sell the 2nd City Crest Estate both in Uyo.

Jabborro PR presently consults on Branding, Marketing communications and strategic partnerships for Primehill Limited and other Real Estate investments in Nigeria.

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