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Wikipedia Management Consulting

Wikipedia-Specific Notability | Wikipedia Content

We help you earn Wikipedia-Specific notability through Media Relations programmes and other supporting strategies. Then we follow that up with drafting, optimizing, and submitting your content to make you a Wikipedia Topic.

N/B: Examples of our Wikipedia topics and the clients related cannot be revealed, as we are bound by confidentiality contracts.

Social Media Management

Meta: Facebook/Instagram | TikTok | LinkedIn | Twitter(X) | Pinterest | Google | YouTube


We solve your Social Media and Internet communications problems, identifying existing gaps and plugging them. Where there is need, we create, or redesign, or simply provide ongoing management.

Marketing Campaigns:

We plan and deploy social media and online advertising campaigns. At the end of such campaigns, we return specific results according to the campaign objectives. Google, LinkedIn, and Meta Ad campaigns are areas of strength for us.


If you desire to manage and control your Social Media and Online Marketing tools yourself, we provide training to help you do so.

Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO | On-Page/Off-Page SEOs | Yoast Rating | SEO Blogging

SEOs help you gain visibility at a responsible cost. You may pay Search Engines for visibility via our Social Media Marketing route, or you can subscribe to the less expensive, but graduated SEO route – which typically yields lasting results.

Website Design
Our SEO begins with the design of your website. We help you have easier success with SEO.

Yoast Rating
In our Blogging service, we uphold a minimum standard of double green for SEO and Readability, for 100% of the articles we write.

Yoast SEO

Media Relations & Buying

Media Relations | Media Buying

Depending on your business objectives, you may want to see your story on National dailies and International news. Under Media Relations we help you earn free media coverage, while our Media Buying service simply purchases space on any media, for you.

Public Relations Events

Fairs | Concerts | Exhibitions | Conferences

We have experience and talent for ideating, planning, and managing events that can help you attract media visibility and marketing advantage.

Business Development

Business Proposals | Business Plans | Investor Relations

Business growth is driven by your business development activities. Having settled on the idea of your products, and desired destination, we are on hand to help design strategic growth paths along with the communications needed.

Video Management

YouTube | Vimeo | TikTok

Since video became king content, we advanced from simply being proficient in copywriting and graphic designs to emphasizing strategic video content to help achieve marketing objectives.

Digital Advertising

Google Ads | Facebook Ads

A key secret to marketing success is a thorough digital advertising strategy with a scientific philosophy. This is the approach we deploy to help us achieve significant results with low cost-per-result value.


In-person | Conferences | Webinars

To keep your overheads low, you may want to engage us to train your marketing and/or management resources on ongoing practical marketing communications programmes, rather than engage us on a monthly retainer agreement.