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Jabborro PR is a multi-capable Integrated Marketing Communications agency that helps you gain credible renown, make sales, and save costs. Guided by the Public Relations principle of earned media, we blend a plethora of Marketing Communications tools to meet your marketing needs. At the end of the day, you could be on Wikipedia, on national news, reaching millions online, settling with hostile partners, and also making lots of sales.

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At the end of the day, you could be on Wikipedia, on national news, reaching millions online, settling with hostile partners, and also making lots of sales.



We restrict our modus operandi with pure theoretical PR principles. This is why we never encourage or practice one-way information; It must always be 2-way and mutually profitable for our clients and their target audiences. This is how to grab your audience’s attention through the most cost-effective strategies.



If you go after daring results like we do, thorough research and accurate data are your best friends. At Jabborro PR, we blend these scientific tools with psychologically relevant art. In-depth use of Google and Meta Business interfaces and other analytics tools allows us to decide how best to deploy the artistic elements of our work. 

At the end of this is usually a set of cost-saved results.

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  • Website Management

    Jabborro PR planned a bouquet of Digital Communications for Abuja-based realtor, Nellyani Properties. 

    We built their Website; Search-Engine Optimized, Set up and presently manage Google Console for their project, Trained their Marketing executives, and presently write SEO articles for the website's blog.

  • Biz Dev & Web Design

    We had the unique assignment of conducting deep traditional and digital Marketing Research for US Logistics-Tech company, Express Ryder, as it launches operations in Nigeria. We also designed the website to be integrated with the app, currently being designed.

  • Public Relations

    We have managed Delaware based recording artiste, Freke Umoh for nearly 9 years. We managed all communications; Sponsor Relations, Social Media, Media Relations, Media buying, Event consulting, etc. Our efforts together fetched a mean annual gathering of 10,000 fans for 4 years at Freke Umoh's NOW Concert. 

  • Social Media

    Akwa Ibom State Governor

    From 2015 to 2020, we were engaged in different capacities to work on the personal Social Media project of the Akwa Ibom State Governor at the time. We drove several Social Media campaigns with others, consulted for the Twitter handle, and functioned in Copywriting and Content creation.

    Who we are

    The Story of Jabborro

    Jabborro is coined from an ethnic word spoken by a minority group in Nigeria’s present-day Delta State on the Atlantic coast. The actual word was ‘ejaboro’ meaning a hamlet, a cluster of families, a group of sorts, an assembly of units.

    How did we come to bear this name? The story goes back to 2006 in a Physics laboratory of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. A group of young people, preparing to graduate from the Department of Physics, frequently held a series of discussions on what they would do with their lives post-University.

    In this laboratory was our founder, Uduak Umo (ANIPR), who, at that time, was a Physics major, sound engineer, singer, music director, and fine artist. As you can imagine, this young man was bothered about his future, with all these vocations competing. 

    A friend of the group visited from the Faculty of Arts at one instance. While everyone chatted along, her jotter fell out and Umo picked it up. Casually flipping through, he found the words; “Public Relations”, a subject under study. 

    On investigating this interesting concept, Umo discovered his inexplored talents, interests and passions. The journey began at this point – after Physics, he would settle for a career in Public Relations.

    In this Lab also, here was ‘Irene Jaboro’, a female course mate. Her last name struck a chord with creatives among these Science majors. Uduak Umo did go a step further to find out what it meant. 

    Hi, Irene, if you read this, we have gone with your family name from Uyo to Melbourne, to Southampton, to Nova Scotia, and are still traveling. 😃

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    We set out to create and a type of Public Relations super-service that not only impacts your fame, popularity, notoriety; but also directly determines your cash flow…

    Founder, Jabborro PR
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