About Us

Who are we, what do we stand for, how do we work for you?

In 2017, a 72 year old gentleman arrived Nigeria from Ontario representing a Canadian not-for-profit with interests in Africa. We had reached him through Yahoo Groups, an unexplored channel we discovered for targeting a certain elusive public. After discussing with other agencies in Nigeria, he walked into our office with his proposal and we took it up from there.

We dug into his mind for days, got a grasp of their idea for the Nigerian version of this NGO, built the idea with embellishments, and established communications routes for them.

Within a year, we had helped them get started using mainly Marketing communications strategies. Together with partners, we got them incorporated in Nigeria, setup strategic partnerships, recruited, launched their operations, established marketing for them and even added a business to their interests in Nigeria; problems over-solved.

In our company, your marketing problems will be solved with holistic strategy.

A little Background

Mind of a Scientist, Talents of a Marketer, Passion of an Activist

In mid 2000s, a 22-year old talented writer, speaker, fine artist, actor, thinker, music director and thinker was confused by his talents and interests. So, he stumbled on ‘Public Relations’ in the school notes of a friend. In those notes, Public Relations connected everything together for him. This confused gentleman had grown up with the mind of a scientist, talents of a marketer and the passion of an activist. He is our founder, Uduak Umo (ANIPR).

Jabborro Means?

By the time Mr Umo was finishing from college in 2006 he had added ‘Sound Engineering’ and business development to his abilities. The challenge was now with how to create a hub of creative solutions and give it a name. Entrepreneurship being his path, he simply borrowed the surname of a course mate and reshaped it. It went from ‘ejaboro’ – a dying Urhobo dialect for hamlet, cluster, hub of different families – to JABBORRO. 

How We Work

We connect your mind with those of your desired markets. Your promotional outlets are their conversational inlets, if you involve us.

We do this using research, talent, social media, websites, SEOs, pictures, videos, Wikipedia, and many other strategies. We even help you plan your business.

Whether you are for sales or for charity, we take you there. Unlike most PR agencies, your bottom-line is our target.

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